Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Tale of Two Sippys

Okay, so Allie (2.5 years) has now gotten her two new sippy cups.

I got her the Sigg water bottle, 0.4L (13 oz) shown to the left, which has a twist action sport top and mud cap. These bottles are made of non-leaching stainless steel and the company is committed to both safe paint for the outside of their bottles and to using safe materials to make the bottles. All materials used are safe and made of non-leaching materials (no BPA).

"The inside of every SIGG bottle is coated with a proprietary baked-on inner lining that is taste neutral, resistant to fruit acids and isotonic drinks, and guaranteed for easy cleaning and no taste transfer. It is a water-based epoxy resin exceeding FDA requirements and independently tested to prove 0% leaching. The liner is flexible and crack resistant, even if the bottle is dented.
Not all manufacturers of stainless steel or aluminum bottles use a liner. Look for the SIGG logo to be sure you are getting a genuine SIGG with a 100% safe liner." quoted from
Swiss Knife Shop

Allie really likes this cup, she calls it her "big girl cup" We have been using it for a week and so far we haven't had any problems with it leaking. I really like this bottle/cup a lot and I am planning on getting one for myself, Matt and Jack (when he is ready for it). There are so many diffent designs, sizes and types that you can get... there is DEFINATELY a bottle for everyone.


  • These cups have lots of designs to choose from to personalize the cup for each child. They have several different top designs to choose from.
  • We found the 0.3L to be better for babies/young toddlers and the 0.4L to be better for older toddlers.


  • The ActiveBottle sports cap is difficult for young children to use and I would recommend using it for children at least 5 years old. To drink from the ActiveBottle sports cap, you need to give it a small twist and press the top down with your mouth - there's no need to touch the mouthpiece with your fingers. A wide opening creates maximum flow for the drink. When you set the bottle down, the mouthpiece closes automatically and the top is sealed once again.
  • In the winter we found that the outside of the cup gets very cold. They do make a pouches that fit both the 0.3L and the 0.4L bottles; this would help.`

The second cup that we got Allie was the
Safe Sippy by Kid Basix. This is also a great cup, the design and style is much different from the Sigg bottle. However it too is made from non-leaching stainless steel and the company is very committed to safe products for our babies and children. This cup is more of a standard "sippy cup", eventhough it looks like it has a straw it is really a sippy spout. Therefore the cup needs to be tilted back to drink from. The Safe Sippy comes with the handles pictured, which are removable and it has a Thermoplastic Rubber Sleeve, which provides insullation both for the liquids that are inside and for the little hands that are holding the cup. This cup also has a straw like spout which is supposed to be better for developing mouts, than the more traditional wide spout designs.


  • This cup is well made and designed. I like that the consulted with speech developement experts to get the best design possible.
  • The Thermoplastic Rubber Sleeve- that keeps liquids cold and little hands comfy.
  • Their website has a store locator. I bought mine at Bellani Maternity in Warwick, RI (Thanks Meg, for picking this up for me!)
  • The choice of choice of colors pink/orange, blue/orange, and green (teal)/orange.


  • This cup is difficult to get at this time. Many sites that I checked were on backorder.
  • Younger children may have a little bit of a harder time with this cup because you need to drink from it with the spout facing away from you. Allie figured it out quickly, without needing help; however I could see that she would have possibly had a more difficult time when she was younger.
  • I did find that the cup does leak but ONLY if you aren't sure to screw the cap on securely.

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