Saturday, February 2, 2008

Carseat Safety

cToday in my search for BPA free bottles/pacifiers/sippy cups/water bottles I can across this website and they sell a fleece poncho that is designed to be used for your child while they are in the car instead of wearing their coat. I always have Allie take off her coat when riding in the car and I cover her with a blanket and Jack has been in a bundle me. This however looks like it might keep them warmer, however they are a little pricey. They have some really cute girl patterns like the one below, but they are lacking on boy prints. Maybe a blanket will work just as well.

"Safety experts agree: wearing a coat in a car seat is a big safety no-no. The Car Seat Poncho is an easy-to-use solution, eliminating the hassle and hazard of a bulky winter coat. Moms can dress their children in a flash, secure them safely, and be on the road in no time."
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