Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eco-Friendly Nursery: Getting Started, Bedding

Whether you are putting together an eco-friendly nursery or a traditional nursery it is always overwhelming and you don't know where to get started. Here are my tips for getting started:

Decide what is important to you, are you looking for eco-friendly or traditional options; once you have done this I think it is best to start with bedding.
Bedding is the best place to get started because from there you can decide what kind of furniture will go best with the bedding and it will give you a color palette to work with for the rest of the nursery.
Most people think that if you are going to buy organic bedding or bedding made from sustainable fabrics you are limited to beige natural colored baby bedding; well that is definitely not true. Just look at these great options below.

Cotton Monkey baby bedding is made of 100% certified organic cotton fabric and batting that is not treated with any formaldehyde or chlorine bleach. The Cotton Monkey line is colorful, fun and cheerful and dyed and printed with non-toxic, fiber reactive, water based pigments and dyes.

If you like the looks of these four beautiful bedding sets, be sure to click over to Cotton Monkey to check out the rest of their line, these are just four of my favorites! The sets at Cotton Monkey run from $614-$641 depending on whether you buy the quilt or throw blanket.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, there is Healthy From Day 1, which offers baby bedding a la cart. I was able to put together the following "set" for between $355 and $410, including the blanket, bumpers, sheet, crib skirt and the possible bumper covers.
EcoBaby also carries the above collection and offers it as a set for $349 which includes: 1 small blanket, 1 bumper cover, 1 fitted sheet, 1 organic wool bumper insert 9" high

Our Green House
Our Green House carries the George collection from Coyuchi baby bedding collection which is hand embroidered and made from hand-picked certified organically grown cotton. All fabrics are preshrunk and finished with no chemicals, solvents and resins. The set includes: 1 White crib skirt, 1 crib sheets, 1 bumper cover with George pattern, 1 baby sham with George pattern, 1 crib blanket with the George pattern. This set is $339When looking for organic baby bedding I used a Google Search and searched, organic baby bedding. Be sure that when you are looking for a set that you are sure that they state that it is 100% certified organic. This will ensure that the whole set is organic, including the batting in the blankets. Good luck and happy shopping.

The next installment in this series is choosing a mattress and crib.

Upcoming New Series

I am currently in the process of putting together a new series on how to put together a eco-friendly nursery. Be sure to check back soon for updates.

First Steps to Healthy Babies

If you have not already checked out Healthy Child Healthy World, you definitely should. It is such a great resource for parents looking for eco-friendly information. Tonight I found First Steps to Healthy Babies which is a free monthly newsletter that gives valuable baby health and development lessons month by month throughout your pregnancy and until age 2!