Friday, February 22, 2008

I am so excited about my newest review, Earth Mama Angel Baby. With all the recent news about phthalates in baby care products and their possible links to various health problems, I decided that I wanted to do some research and find a product line that was both phthalate free and organic (since I am already using organic care baby care products for the kids). In doing my research, I found a great website Hud Pages: How to avoid Phthalates in Baby Care Products. This site was great; it gave a list of companies that are phthalate free. In the end, I decided to go with Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB). I decided on this company for many reasons, first of all because their products are phthalate free and organic and I also really like their commitment to mothers and babies. EMAB offers many resources for breastfeeding moms both in their extensive breastfeeding product line and through out the site with the Mama Says quotes.

Well, here it is my review of the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and the Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash.

First of all, I have to warn you not to be shocked when you get your Bottom Balm, mine came in the mail (I hadn't seen it in person, I ordered it online) and I was shocked at how small it was (2oz jar). But, remember good things come in small packages. This balm is very concentrated and you truly only need a tiny bit, unlike many of the other products on the market. This EMAB Bottom Balm smells great and so far I am very happy with it; I have used it as intended, on Jack's bottom and I have been using it on his winter eczema. I have already seen an improvement in the eczema, I had been using Aquaphor Baby and I hadn't had any luck getting it to clear. I also started to use it on Allie's super dry winter skin. She has been constantly itching this winter, and I have noticed that her skin is less dry feeling after just the first several initial uses.

I also bought the Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, this too has a wonderful botanical scent. This is a gentle and real castile soap, which has no foaming agents added, so they have packaged it in a great self foaming bottle. This is NOT a no tear formula, so be sure to extra care near your babies eyes. I really like this baby wash, the scent is much more pleasing than the wash I was using previously. The self foaming bottle is much easier to use than most bottles that you have to squeeze to get the wash from. I was able to use this one handed while giving Jack a bath in the kitchen sink. I noticed that my hands felt less dry at the end of the bath, so I can only imagine how it will help his skin over time.

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