Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pregnant and Looking For a Great Pair of Maternity Jeans?

Lets face it, maternity jeans often leave something to be desired. They either don't look modern enough or they fit horrible. Well, I was looking around at some of the blogs that I check out and over at Euphoria Maternity's Blog for the Green Mama, they are giving away Mama Black maternity jeans and they look great. Their styles are sexy, with a great fit and a reasonable price tag. What mama to-be wouldn't want a great pair of jeans and free! If you are interested definitely check this out, because all you have to do is leave a post about which pair you would want and ladies when I checked it a few minutes ago there were only 3(!) comments. Don't worry about sizing because she has a great true sizing system, so you shouldn't have any problems with that. Make sure you click over and check out her store; she has lots of great stuff! Good luck and let me know if you win.

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