Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

So we are off and running on our cloth diapering adventure. Like any other new endevor there are always hiccups along the way. When I was researching which cloth diapers to go with I bought three bumGenius diapers to test out with Jack in every situation that I could think of: tummy time, exersaucer/walker, in the car, in the Mei Tei carrier, and sleeping (both naptime and nighttime), etc. I used these three diapers as much as possible and only had one leak and it was the first time that I put Jack down for the night wearing the diapers and I didn't use the doubler.

Well, things went well and I decided to jump in with both feet. I ordered my diapers and all the supplies that I needed and I was on my way. Things went smoothly for the first few days and then they started leaking at naptime and nighttime. I suffered through for the first couple of days and then I started asking for help and that is exactly what I got. Holly at Papoose was great, she suggested Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts and Rachel at Euphoria Maternity suggest Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds. Are you seeing the reoccuring theme of hemp? Well, from what I have been told that is because hemp is very absorbant. So I put in an order with Papoose to get some Joey Bunz inserts to use with the bumGenius diapers and I washed them several times with Charlie Soap to get them prepped for their first use.

It took some experimenting, but I figured out which way they worked best for Jack. This is going to sound crazey, but at nap time I use one bumGenius insert, one bumGenius doubler and one Joey Bunz hemp insert and at bedtime I make what I have been calling a hemp sandwich. I use two Joey Bunz hemp inserts with one bumGenius insert inbetween. Doing these two things have worked for us.

When I was getting started I bought the diapers, the laundry wet bags (2) and a smaller wet beg for my diaper bag. I decided to forgo the diaper sprayer from bumGenius, which is used to spray off dirty diapers into the toilet. I figured I wouldn't need it, Jack is afterall eating solid foods now. Well, all it took was one "yucky" diaper to change my mind. All I have to say is definately splurge on the diaper sprayer! It was easy to install and definately makes the "yucky" diapers easier to clean up.

I typically do diaper washes every other day. I start with a cold rinse to help ensure no staining and then I do a hot wash. Then into the dryer they go, the diaper covers and the laundry bag go into the dryer for a drying cycle and then the inserts going in for an additional drying cycle.

Even through all the experimenting and the leaks, I am glad that I made the switch to cloth. I am saving $64 a month and lots of space in our land fills.

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