Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pack A Litter Free Lunch

Did you pack a litter free lunch? What a great idea; this is a great way to be green and save some money while doing it. I first started to think about this when I found Laptop Lunches, which are bento box inspired containers for your lunch and the best part is that they are made from toxic free plastic!

Well to pack a litter free lunch you don't have to have a Laptop Lunch Box; listed below are all the things that you need to pack a litter free lunch.

You will need:

  • a reusable, insulated lunch bag-try to find one that is PVC-free. (It shouldn't be too hard, I was able to get Allie's at Target)
  • the main dish (sandwich, soup, hummus, whatever) is packed in a plastic food storage container or a Pyrex bowl with a lid. (Just make sure that if you are sending it to your childs school that you check to be sure that they allow Pyrex.)
  • fruit (is packed in its own skin, or if it’s cut up it is packed in a small container,like the one above.)
  • yogurt/applesauce is not purchased in small lunch-sized containers. We buy the bigger containers and take some out and put them into smaller ones for kids.
  • no juice boxes. We pack water in a SIGG bottle, sometimes milk in a sippy cup (the Klean Kanteen is another great option).
  • smaller desserts, such as cookies or raisins or goldfish crackers are also poured into smaller plastic or Pyrex containers. Nothing comes individually packaged.

Packing a litter free lunch isn't as hard as you may think. Do you already or do you think you can, achieve a litter-free lunch for yourself and for your kids?

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litter free said...

I loved your post about litter free lunches and wanted to add that I just launched a company called that offers cloth napkins for another way to reduce waste in our children's lunches!! We have fun packs of 5 napkins and will be growing our product assortment to offer everything families need to make it a litter free day! Please check it out. Thanks!