Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Should I Wear My Baby?

1. Babies who are worn cry less.Yes, its true. If you wear your baby in a carrier they will cry less. Research indicates that babies worn close to their caregivers are more happy and content than babies who are not worn. Wouldn't you feel more secure if you were wrapped up nice and tightly with the one you love?

2. Babies who are worn are smarter.Because sling babies spend less time crying, they spend more time in a quiet-alert state. This is the optimum state for a baby to learn. It is also the easiest state for parents to interact with their baby. Babies who are worn typically develop speech faster than babies who are not worn.

3. Wearing your baby helps them adjust to life outside the womb.Wearing baby tightly in a sling or carrier mimics the sensations that baby experienced inside the womb. For 9 months baby enjoyed the gentle sway of mom's movements. When baby is worn s/he continues to experience those sensations, only externally. S/he also gets to hear the sound of mother's heart beating and feel the rise and fall of mother's breath. These all help baby regulate to life outside the womb.

4. Babywearing enhances parental bonding.I t is easy to bond and nurture a baby who is always close to your heart. The proximity enhances interaction between baby and parent.

5. Babywearing is convenient.A mother can easily breastfeed her child in a sling. She can do this while shopping, doing the dishes, catching up on work or resting in a chair. A parent can walk her baby to sleep, hands free, while keeping up with other duties.

6. Babywearing makes sibling care easier. You can easily tend to the need of a toddler or older child with baby in a sling.

7. Babies enhances emotional developmentBabies who are worn are more likely to develop strong attachments to their parents and become more independent as adults.

8. Babywearing enhances physical development. Carrying baby helps to develop balance and head/neck control.

9. Babywearing is fun and you look great while doing it! Ok, this one is a selfish reason, but the slings/carriers that are available today look gorgeous! Everyone will comment on it. I promise. Besides, its a lot more fun to go out shopping with your little one when they are right there close to your heart and experiencing everything with you. Plus, you are close enough to enjoy their sweet baby smell and they are in the line of adult vision for everyone to comment on what a little darling you have!!


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