Friday, June 20, 2008

Remember the Golden Rule

Lately it seems as though people aren't being a good neighbor to each other and that they have forgotten the "Golden Rule." A couple of weeks ago here in CT there was a hit and run accident in Hartford where an elderly man was hit by a car and it took almost a minute for anyone to even go into the road and see if he was okay. What's even worse is that many people drove around and didn't even stop. It turns out that the man was not okay and was left largely unassisted with life threatening injuries.

Just the other day I was driving to work and there was a bad car accident on the other side of the highway and the same thing: no one had stopped to see if the people were okay.

My challenge to all of you who are reading this is do something nice for someone else; it could be as simple has holding the door for someone, helping someone with their packages, paying the toll for the person behind you, buying a bottle of water for someone on a hot day or even stopping to help someone when no one else has. Pay it forward as they say and be a good neighbor.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica I heard about that hit and run and saw the video it was just so awful. I don't see how hard it is to just react and help someone in need. Hopefully that video will make people think about helping others.

Love you and miss you.