Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cuisinart Update

In response to last weeks post regarding Cuisinart and BPA, Michelle, a Cuisinart employee (who is not a scientist or in quality control), kindly provided this insight into the matter:

"Hi Jessica;

Sorry for the delay. I just had a lengthy conversation with QC so I
could better understand the issues.We had a third party laboratory test the bowls for our Food Processors and Mini Choppers. These are sometimes made with Lexan and sometimes made with another plastic. Yes, BPA is in these plastics. However, the issue isn't whether BPA is actually in the plastic- but rather does it leach. In fact most tin cans, most hard plastic cups you would use at home (in fact any harder plastics will have BPA - it is what gives it the "hardness") would have BPA. But most will not have the leaching. And some will apparently leach the BPA more than others.

When the third party tests were done by the lab - they would have run the bowls through numerous tests - to determine amount of leaching and what they found was that none was detected. So in other words no leaching of BPA. In Canada, Health Canada is looking at setting parameters to levels of leaching - in which case obviously our bowls will be considered safe no matter what level they choose in the end as none was detected. We aren't sure at what level they will determine is safe...but obviously what is safe for infants is different than for adults. As far as the Cuisinart bowls - we are confident that these are 100% safe for you and your baby.

I hope that this helps you make a decision. I know as a mom I have found my food processor and mini-chopper indispensible! Michelle"

I have read and will personally consider the above comments. More importantly, I will continue to investigate this matter. I am specifically interested in who performed the third party testing and how the testing was conducted. I believe our children are worth the extra effort needed to make sure that the products we use are 100% safe.

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