Friday, May 2, 2008

ALL Slings on Sale at Dittany Baby

If you have ever thought about getting a baby sling, then you need to check out this sale at Dittany Baby. In honor of Mother's Day they have all of their gorgeous slings are on sale for $25 and they have a style for everyone. Even the organic cotton ones are on sale and the pattern selection is great too. I used a pouch sling (from another company) with Allie and LOVED it! I was able to use it when she was a tiny infant all the way up to... well I could use it with her now, if she wanted to be carried- luckily for me she likes to walk. Since I am now carrying the "big man" in my new Mei Tai carrier. Happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Just got my sling! The patterns were adorable--can't wait to put the little one in one!!
Thanks :)